I WANT the love back!

Are you thinking “I want to strengthen my marriage” or “I want to improve my relationship”? LoveSparkME: STRENGTHEN could be for you.

Your relationship is travelling along okay, but you want to get some of the love and excitement back you had in the start. Maybe you’re doing quite well but you know things could be better… or if you’re a new couple, you just want to create a great foundation for the future.


Or… you wouldn’t tell friends you’re ‘unhappy’, but it’s not too far from the truth. Things need to improve or they’ll go downhill.

An online relationship course to strengthen your bond

Not everybody has time to read relationship advice books. I’ve designed an affordable, 30 day course for busy people called LoveSparkME™: STRENGTHEN, for people who want to find the love and excitement in their relationship again.


LoveSparkME: STRENGTHEN is suitable for you if your relationship might be described as “okay” or “quite happy”, or maybe you just want to invest regularly into your relationship to build or maintain a strong foundation for the future. It’s a great idea!!!


I'll help you fall in love all over again...
I’ll help you fall in love all over again…

I will send you a daily SMS text message outlining your task of the day; fairly simple, effective actions which teach you to focus on loving your partner again through being more respectful, thoughtful, giving and loving*.


These tasks will encourage people of all beliefs to strengthen their relationship through easy actions and thoughts… and you don’t even tell your partner you’re doing it.


That’s right, changing how you think and act will automatically change the dynamics of the relationship, but there’s no outside pressure or expectation created by telling your partner about your plan.

Strengthen your love now!

Sign-up below to start strengthening your love and commitment today. For only US$29, receive your daily task sent via SMS – complete these simple thoughts or actions daily for 30 days, and really make a difference in your relationship.


May the Love be With You





*If there is violence or addiction in your relationship – it’s a very different situation. I would like to be able to provide a list of resources for people in this situation – but for now, please contact me for confidential support and referrals.