Are you thinking “My partner and I need to have more sex” or “I’m getting bored in my marriage”? LoveSparkME: SPICE-UP could be just what the doctor (or nurse) ordered.

In a long term relationships, sex can get boring and the intimacy dwindles. You may feel like you exist purely to look after children and keep the household running. Your partner feels like someone you just ‘share a house’ with.

An online relationship course for more intimacy

Don’t have time to read long relationship advice books? I’ve designed an affordable, 30 day course for busy people called LoveSparkME™: SPICE-UP.


There are different versions – one if your partner is a man, and a different course if your partner is a woman. We’re all turned on a little bit differently!


LoveSparkME: SPICE-UP is suitable for you if your relationship is travelling along okay, but your intimacy has dwindled until it’s almost non-existent.


Maybe you’re still having regular sex, but it’s a bit routine or boring… Perhaps you’re not getting much ‘action’ and you want more! Although your partner loves you, maybe they don’t look at you or touch you the way they used to.


LoveSparkME: SPICE-UP sends a daily SMS text message outlining your task of the day; fairly simple, effective actions which you can follow to communicate your needs, build mutual respect, tease, flirt with and turn on your partner so that the intimacy and passion will slowly build again.


These tasks will encourage people of all beliefs to strengthen their relationship through easy actions and thoughts… and you don’t even tell your partner you’re doing it – so there’s no outside pressure or expectation.

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May the lust be with you