Are you thinking “I need to save my relationship” or “I think I want a divorce”? LoveSparkME: SAVE could be just what you need.

Research shows that it is normally the woman who ends an unhappy relationship, and she has usually thought about it for two years before making the final decision.


Maybe you’re on this road already, and perhaps you’ve even discussed breaking up.


It may not be too late. I saved my marriage after a long period of unhappiness on both of our sides, and we already had the “break up for a while” talk… It only took a mere 20 days to fix a relationship which had been broken for many months!


I can help you do the same*.

An online relationship course to save your relationship

Not everybody has time to read relationship advice books. I’ve designed an affordable, 30 day course for busy people called LoveSparkMe™: SAVE. 


LoveSparkME: SAVE is suitable for you if your relationship is in trouble. You have drifted apart and aren’t feeling “in love” anymore, or maybe having children has created strain and unhappiness you didn’t expect. Perhaps you’ve had so much conflict that you’ve talked about separation, divorce or breaking up.


LoveSparkME: SAVE sends a daily SMS text message outlining your LoveSparkMe task of the day; fairly simple, effective actions which teach you to focus on loving your partner again, even if they’re driving you completely crazy and maybe you don’t even feel like they ‘deserve’ your love or commitment*.


These tasks will encourage people of all beliefs to save their relationship through easy actions and thoughts… and you don’t even tell your partner you’re doing it – so there’s no outside pressure or expectation.

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May the Love be With You


* If there is violence or addiction in your relationship – it’s a very different situation. I would like to be able to provide a list of resources for people in this situation – but for now, please contact me for confidential support and referrals.