How to meet men (without online dating)


How to meet men

Would you like to know how to meet men? Are you sick of being single? Have you tried online dating and only met losers? You’re worried that if you keep going like this, you’ll end up sad and alone and won’t have someone to cuddle up to at night when you’re old. You’re not alone. Luckily, I have some expert tips which will help you find love in 2017.


This article will reveal the main thing you need to do to meet men and my number one place to meet hot, ripped men.


If you’ve been single for a while, you know that finding someone to love is a difficult process. Sure, you know how to meet men online, but when you meet, you often lack chemistry.


Also, finding a genuine man who is trustworthy, honest, loyal and reliable is another story!


Bravo TV recently quoted me in an article about how to find real love in 2017, and my tip was that 2017 is the year for thinking about yourself – your own fulfilment and happiness, which will in turn help you find love.


Let me explain.


How does your happiness help you meet men?

When you are balanced, content, and happy with your own life, you will tend to attract a man who is the same. A man who doesn’t come with a lot of baggage and hangups of his own. There is a lot of research about the law of attraction which explains this.


To find balance and happiness, you must find time to nourish yourself with self-care and fun activities. These are things like meditation, relaxation, and physical activities which will get you out of the house!


It’s also a great way of finding someone where you have something in common you could do together as a couple.


The top places I recommend to meet men

If you want to know how to meet men, I recommend activities which interest you and also attract men – particularly ones who are fit, healthy and motivated. It’s good to find somewhere that has a club house or similar, as people will tend to gather there before and/or after the activity.


If you go rock climbing, you could meet this guy.
Image courtesy of The Lactic Factory, Melbourne.

I suggest hiking (with a group), kayaking, rowing, ballroom dancing, photography, a surf club, and most definitely indoor rock climbing. Yes, indoor rock climbing is my secret top tip for meeting hot, ripped, healthy men who aren’t partying and drinking all night, because they’re up the next morning to climb!


I went rock climbing in London once, and when I walked into the centre, the first thing I thought was “This is where they’ve been keeping all the hot men!”


The other thing to consider is that when you are ‘looking’ for love, the people you’re meeting can almost smell it on you and it can be a real turn off. People have a certain je ne sais quoi when they are on the prowl. The minute you meet them, they’re sizing you up as a potential mate – and it can be daunting.


If you just enjoy an activity and focus on developing yourself or getting lost in the moment, you’ll appear differently and the sparks are much more likely to fly!


If you want to know how to meet men, just get out there and enjoy yourself, and the romance will follow.


Let me know in the comments what activity you’ve always wanted to try… or give me your top tips for how to meet men.


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  1. Brianne Grzywacz says: Reply

    Hi Cathryn!
    My name is Brianne and I was just thinking to myself (and recently, for the past well… 3 months now -_-) how I hate being single and I miss being in love, and how Valentine’s Day is coming up and I have no boyfriend and it sucks lol… I was just like, when can I find a man?? The man of my dreams?? And then I came across this article… and I just want to say thank you! Because this really helped me gain perspective about not only my personal goals for 2017, but also how to attract love in my life 🙂 I so believe in law of attraction and how things flow more freely through your life when you’re most content or happy. And how I can just feel that this year is a great year to focus on yourself, and growing more and experiencing more. And that’s what I plan on doing 🙂 I just want to thank you so much for giving me this wonderful gift of knowledge that I really think I needed 🙂 I really look forward to reading more of your articles ! Thank you once again for what you do.

    1. admin says: Reply

      Hey Brianne, Thank you for your lovely message! I’m so glad if I could help or inspire in any way 🙂

      I love what you’re doing to turn things around and I agree that 2017 is your year! Just go out and have fun, and be fabulous… and all the fabulous things will come your way! That may include a man, but if not this year, then next… time really flies and the best relationship to invest in is the one you have with yourself! (I’m kind of quoting Sex and the City here, haha).

      Please keep me up to date on your adventures!


      p.s. Please share this article if you feel it might inspire some of your friends. xx

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