LoveSparkME is the result of years of research and testing. It’s a proven strategy to save marriages and rekindle relationships. The crazy part is that it only requires one small effort per day. Creator Cathryn Mora is a visionary personal coach and expert in relationship dynamics, with the goal of saving one million marriages. She has mastered the art of maintaining a strong partnership. Her experiences and research span the globe. She has masterfully simplified this intricate knowledge into an easy to follow framework which can rescue any relationship*, returning couples to harmony and mutual attraction.

Women of all ages seek out Cathryn’s advice on meeting men and growing relationships. These same women come to her for guidance when things go wrong. She has been featured in countless media, including: Fox News, Popsugar, Bustle, Redbook, Brides Magazine, SBS, Kidspot, Hitched and many more. Her expertise is globally recognized for the impact it has made on her clients. She even used this very knowledge to save her own relationship several years ago.

Cathryn and her husband Andres

Cathryn’s story started with her own relationship. For years she studied male and female dynamics. She deeply explored the human emotions, hunting for the root of relationship disharmony. As with many great inventors, Cathryn used herself as the initial guinea pig. In March, she was in an unhappy relationship on the brink of collapse. In April, she was in the kind of rock solid marriage most women dream of. She didn’t need to find a new man. She transformed the relationship she was already in. Since then, Cathryn has used her skills to help others achieve the same blissful outcome.

The stresses of parenthood wear us out. Our relationships become tired and monotonous. We never see it coming, but it happens. We lose our spark. Cathryn does not want to let you fail. She wants to pick you up and help you achieve your dream relationship. It only takes one person in the relationship making a small 5–10 minute effort each day and after 30 days you will see significant improvement. Results guaranteed.

As Jenny Billings recalls, “Cathryn understands what makes men and women tick, and knew just what I needed to do to get our intimacy back. She never challenged me to do anything more than 5–10 minutes a day, and the results just happened. I am forever grateful.” This was one of many success stories. An ill-fated relationship transformed into a relationship of trust and respect. Jenny and her partner have found unity and pleasure one another’s company once again.

Cathryn sees the ‘relationship support industry’ delivering advice that simply doesn’t work for everyone. Not everybody has time to read lengthy books or pay for personal coaching. For many couples, counseling isn’t the answer because one person (usually the woman) is unhappy long before her husband is ready to admit there is even a problem. And in counseling, the man will often feel judged or attacked. Nobody goes home from counseling wanting to make love! Many people simply end up seeking mediation for their inevitable divorce, which means they’ve already decided that their marriage isn’t worth saving. That’s why she has decided to develop a product based on what does work.

Cathryn connects with the work of researchers and psychologists, tweaking and developing her method. Every. Single. Day. She works relentlessly to deliver dream outcomes. Her results affirm that LoveSparkME works. Really, really well. It will reignite relationships and reestablish the partnership we all deserve. Her work saves relationships. Her work saves families. She has condensed an abundance of research into a simple, 30 day solution. This product is not about making money, it’s about saving relationships and families. We strongly recommend you try it today!


* This course is not for couples experiencing domestic violence or addiction. Please seek support from services in your area which specialize in these very serious issues.