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LoveSparkMe simplifies established and universal practices into easy, actionable tasks with the power to save your marriage. The system uses trusted behavioral science methodology, to quickly turn around any relationship by injecting love, intimacy and happiness.

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About Cathryn Mora

Relationship Coach

Cathryn is a globally recognized author and expert in relationships. She has been featured on numerous TV shows, magazines, and radio interviews.

An alternative to expensive and sometimes invasive counselling, Cathryn created an easy to follow 30 day program which rescues relationships & saves marriages.

LoveSparkme condenses years of knowledge and research into a quick & easy process. It turns around relationships fast, restoring happiness and intimacy.

Proven to work and only requiring one person to make an effort. Why don’t you try it today?

Save your marriage in 30 days

The pressure of a bad marriage or relationship feels awful. You feel constant pressure and anxiety. Everything your partner does annoys or upsets you. You cross your fingers and hope to get through a day without argument or dispute. Your stomach churns in a nauseous unease, and your mind races away, dreaming of the terrors to come... or maybe you're dreaming about being somewhere else, with someone else.  For some it’s a feeling of failure, others feel isolation or regret. Most people in this situation want to stop the pain and end the relationship. If this is you, read on...

I understand your pain, and I want to help, no tricks, no ongoing costs, just honest help from someone who has been where you are now. I’m going to help you turn your marriage around in 30 quick days*. The techniques I use are based on extensive relationship research, and have been used in various forms for many years. Turning around relationships is done by subtly altering our underlying behavioral cues. This is what counselors get paid big money for, but you can do everything yourself if you just know what actions to take. Let me explain in more detail.

How it works

Instead of inundating you with thousands of pages of theory, LoveSparkMe teaches you through 30 days of simple tasks. These tasks can be summarized into a couple of short paragraphs, but they serve a powerful purpose. They subtly shift human behavior often without you realizing. Similar to a chiropractor aligning muscles in the body, LoveSparkMe aligns your thoughts and emotions, changing the dynamic between you and your partner. The changes are subtle. Like feeding a stray dog, the first tasks may be met with skepticism. However, as with all things, dedication is the key to growth. Consistent practice is the only way for your relationship to evolve. A little effort pulling the correct behavioral strings and you won’t believe the changes.

It’s not magic, it’s behavioral science. Over the years, I have spent hundreds of hours researching and testing the best methods to create change in my own relationships. I've observed what has worked for me and others. LoveSparkMe, streamlines the best of these tactics into 30 days of actionable tasks. It creates intimate change in human relationships. It will transform negativity into positivity, selfishness into giving, and anxiety into love. Let me explain how.

Science behind LoveSparkMe

Over many years of privately helping people save their relationships, I observed the same underlying behaviors in every success story. My system, LoveSparkMe, teaches you how to replicate these results, and only takes as little as 5 minutes a day. You don’t even need to tell your partner, the tasks you commit to will inspire them to change their behavior automatically. I know it sounds too good to be true, but trust me, human behavior can be predicted and influenced. Your actions can create magical results.

The LoveSparkMe system is easy to implement. Each day I send a secret tip to your phone. It is a simple instruction for the day. It will take you mere minutes to complete the task. All I ask, is you commit yourself 100% to these few minutes. Do so, and you will see results. Guaranteed.

How does a few minutes generate change? The tasks I send are powerful behavioral stimulants.  They are designed to generate emotional and behavioral change in relationships, often without knowing you are doing it. It’s not cosmic intervention, it’s tapping into the behavioral traits and emotions we all share. The changes are subconscious, manifesting themselves as love, support and caring for each other.

LoveSparkMe is successful because it addresses core elements of human behavior. The secret to a happy relationship is simply tweaking these elements. The results speak for themselves. Read the testimonials on our page. These are real relationships saved by LoveSparkMe, and you can experience the same changes.

Why is it only $29?

This is a passion project. I want to help as many people as possible. You could easily spend hundreds of dollars in private counseling. LoveSparkMe combines the best knowledge of psychology, behavioral science, and relationship advice for a flat $29 once off cost. The only thing I ask in return, is to share it with your friends when it saves your marriage.

LoveSparkMe is a way to spread my knowledge as far as possible. Giving you the power to turn your relationship around.

Until now I’ve been helping people individually with their relationships. Saving marriages is fantastic, but I want to do more and it is impossible to scale a face to face solution.  Ultimately, I want to see happier and more loving world.

Money-back Guarantee

If you are not 100% satisfied that LoveSparkMe has improved your marriage, I will refund your money, no questions asked! This is a passion project, and I only charge enough to maintain the systems behind it. Your payment is a small investment in your future, an investment that helps others achieve the same happiness you will find with the help of the LoveSparkMe system.

* Please note this program is not recommended for relationships experiencing violence or addiction, as they are separate, very serious issues which need to be supported by a counselor or support agency.

Client Testimonials

Relationships We Saved

The first day set the stage by reminding me not to say anything negative, and after 30 days, I noticed that we have fewer petty arguments… It’s amazing how doing such small things can bring a little fun and affection back into a relationship!”

- Stephanie, Chicago

Thanks Cat for creating this amazing program! I tried other self-help stuff before, but it bogged me down all at once. I loved getting my daily text and just focusing on one day at a time.

- Angie, Sydney

I knew hubby was probably feeling a bit second best to the kids, but it wasn’t until I did this that I noticed how much I had been neglecting him! It was so simple to follow and things improved quicker than I hoped. Our old flame is back (hehe) and I love it… ;)

- Karen, Los Angeles

We had spoken about separation but I was desperate to keep our family together. When I stopped thinking about the negative and focused on doing one small, positive thing each day, the results were astounding. He changed things we’d argued about for years… This honestly saved my marriage.

- Kate, Brisbane

I made a little video with pictures of our family for his personal gift and he was very touched. It helped me focus on everything we have built together… He is responding positively and just told me how wonderful I was about an hour ago!

- Shanon, Washington DC

I can honestly say that we’re still together because of you. We never had quality time together, and because I kept your tips a secret, he just thinks I’ve become more thoughtful and romantic. He’s been more intimate in return and I’m glowing!

- Marie, Brisbane

About Cathryn

Cathryn Mora
Relationship Coach

Creator Cathryn Mora is a visionary personal coach and expert in relationship dynamics, with the goal of saving one million marriages. She has mastered the art of maintaining a strong partnership. Her experiences and research span the globe. She has masterfully simplified this intricate knowledge into an easy to follow framework which can rescue any relationship, returning couples to harmony and mutual attraction. Women of all ages seek out Cathryn’s advice on meeting men and growing relationships. These same women come to her for guidance when things go wrong. Her expertise is globally recognized for the impact it has made on her clients. She even used this very knowledge to save her own relationship several years ago.

Cathryn’s story started with her own relationship. For years she studied male and female dynamics. She deeply explored the human emotions, hunting for the root of relationship disharmony. As with many great inventors, Cathryn used herself as the initial guinea pig. In March, she was in an unhappy relationship on the brink of collapse. In April, she was in the kind of rock solid marriage most women dream of. She didn’t need to find a new man. She transformed the relationship she was already in. Since then, Cathryn has used her skills to help others achieve the same blissful outcome.

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